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Macro Analysis: Review of the Major economies (Eurozone, UK, US, China, Japan, Other G20), Monetary & Fiscal Policy Watch
Market Strategy: Cross-Asset market strategy and multi asset allocation (Equities, Fixed Income, Credit, Commodities, Currencies, Cryptos)
Business Intelligence: Strategic foresight at the crossroads of Business, Tech & Geopolitics (Government policies and regulations, tech disruptions, trade disputes, …)
MACRO DISRUPTIONS: Our Premium Weekly Global Macro Strategy Letter including contrarian Macro Analysis, Actionable Market Strategy and Critical Business Intelligence. YesYes
Future of Money & Finance Report: Quarterly review of key players, opportunities and critical developments in Electronic Payments and Digital FinanceOptionalYes
Future of Energy & Mobility Report: Quarterly review of key players, opportunities and critical developments in Clean Energy and New MobilityOptionalYes
Quarterly Global Macro Scenario & Asset Allocation StrategyYes

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