Investing in the Hydrogen Economy

From the production of green hydrogen production to expanding use cases in material handling, transportation, industry and off-grid power generation, there is a growing momentum around the hydrogen economy. Governments have stepped in, from Japan and Korea to China, Europe and the United States (California), with aggressive support policies. This has lifted the prospect and significantly improved the balance sheets of “Hydrogen pure players”. Indeed, over the 2020-2021 period, some hitherto unknown companies like Plug Power (Nasdaq:PLUG), FuelCell Energy (Nasdaq:FCEL) and  Ballard Power Systems (Nasdaq:BLDP) raised considerable amounts of money from both institutional and retail investors. The “hydrogen hype” has somewhat receded after reaching a peak in January 2021, but the incentives are being ramped up and the stock prices of H2 pure players remain well above their pre-COVID levels.

In this special webcast, we will cut to the chase to review the actual potential, risks and investment opportunities related to the Hydrogen economy.

Topics covered

  • Hydrogen production
    • Green hydrogen vs. Blue hydrogen 
    • Electrolyzer market: PEM vs. Alkaline 
  • Hydrogen infrastructure and supply chain
    • Global geopolitics
    • Local opportunities
  • Hydrogen use cases and market
    • Industrial processes
    • Power generation
    • Materials handling
    • Transportation
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    • Competing Technologies
    • Regulations and Incentives
    • Efficiency, LCOE and TCO 
  • Investing in the hydrogen economy
    • Infrastructure plays: storage and distribution
    • Emerging pure players vs. Established groups

Participants will receive the Executive Summary of our upcoming Premium Research Report (“The Hydrogen economy: challenges and investment opportunities) and will enjoy a 30% discount over the full price of the report.