Investing in the Hydrogen Economy: Production & Supply Chain

From the large-scale production of green hydrogen to expanding end user applications in process industries, materials handling, transportation, power generation and heating, the Hydrogen economy is at a tipping point. Ramped up R&D and manufacturing investments in electrolyzers and fuel cells are leading to increased energy efficiency and lower unit costs across the industry. Governments have stepped in from Asia (Japan, Korea, China) to Europe (European Commission, Germany, France), North America (Federal Government, California, New York) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) with aggressive support policies, tax incentives and generous subsidies. This has lifted the outlook for both emerging “Hydrogen pure players” (Plug Power, Nel, Fuel Cell Energy, …) and incumbent industrial and manufacturing behemoths (Air Liquide, Total, ..) which have scaled up their green hydrogen production and distribution projects.