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多极世界 | Многополя́рность | Multipolarité | عالم متعدد الأقطاب

The Multipolarity Institute

We propose a range of bespoke training seminars and public speaking options to enhance the capacity of governments, financial institutions and corporations to adapt to change and to cope with disruptions. We are proud to count some of the world’s leading companies among our clients.

Strategic advisory

Our strategic foresight and advisory practice is based on disruptive out-of-the-box thinking, supported by in-depth analysis and a 360° assessment of forces, weaknesses, critical risks and emerging opportunities. Every situation is unique. We are fully committed to build long term relationships with our clients and to develop tailored solutions.

Global Macro Research

Stay ahead of the competition with our cutting edge and contrarian Premium research, including our flagship publication MACRO DISRUPTIONS and bespoke on-demand research services, combining the best of Machine Learning and Human Intelligence. Learn more about our unique approach.

Move beyond the consensus and get a decisive edge over your competitors

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