Through our company, COMPETENCE FINANCE SAS, registered with the Paris Register of Commerce, we advise governments, financial institutions and non financial companies on the following themes:

  • Macro-financial modelling and analysis
  • Strategic foresight and scenario planning
  • Risk anticipation and risk control
  • Public policy auditing and evaluation

The approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of geopolitical, economic, regulatory, technological developments at work on a local, regional, and global scale, as well as on an in-depth scenario-based analysis of the risks and opportunities that these developments generate for different organisations.

Strategic assessment and 360° risk mapping

At the request of our clients, we carry comprehensive strategic assessments and establish an exhaustive mapping of proven and emerging risks which organisations must face in a challenging and constantly evolving environment.

Animation of strategic foresight seminars for EXCO and Board members

We conduct strategic foresight seminars for Executive Committees and Board members, focusing on the analysis of key emerging risks and opportunities with out-of-the-box thinking and comprehensive scenario mapping.

Mobilisation of an extensive network of leading experts

We interact continuously with a network of high-level partners. We have built partnerships with well established and internationally renowned consulting companies, as well as with leading independent experts and specialists.

Please contact us if you are interested to know more about our consulting services: