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Macro focus Lebanon’s debt mechanics backfire (Interview)

Economist Alexandre Kateb explains how the state has had to go into debt over the last thirty years, via its central bank, to attract foreign capital. Since trust has been broken, the banking system has been beset by numerous requests to withdraw money.
Consultant and specialist in the Arab world, Alexandre Kateb is a lecturer at Sciences-Po.

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Market Focus: Argentina’s upcoming sovereign debt restructuring

Once again, Argentina is embarked on a complicated debt restructuring process. This post exposes some key facts and figure and makes some observations from the macro and legal perspectives.

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Understanding the dynamics and counting the cost of the coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) is currently the number one concern among healthcare specialists, policymakers, journalists, economic and market analysts and ordinary citizens alike.   The elucidation of the disease’s dynamics, death toll and impact on the Chinese and on the global economy are mobilising experts and analysts both in the economics and healthcare communities. […]

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The long view: What is Saudi Aramco really worth?

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Towards a renewed partnership between the European Union and Africa

Over the past few years, the African continent has relaunched its efforts of integration, through the reform of the African Union and the launch of the AfCFTA. By 2050 the population of Africa will have doubled. By relying on its increasingly well-educated youth, it could release its extraordinary economic potential. This transformation represents an historic opportunity for binding the African and European continents to each other, something that Robert Schuman wished for several decades ago. To achieve this, it is fundamental to articulate the North-South and South-South cooperation logics in order to encourage the emergence of an economic ecosystem that is both integrated and modular. Morocco’s experience is edifying in this respect. The new European executive, after the May 2019 elections, should make integration with Africa a strategic priority. This is not only a stake for the future. It is an existential imperative for Europe, at a time when security and migration threats are intensifying. It is particularly true if Europe want to continue to have an impact in the world, when faced with giants such as China and the United States.

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The two shores of the Mediterranean have better to share than the management of the migration crisis

North and South must develop a bold common policy that relies more on the dynamism of the private sector and civil societies, plead Karim Amellal and Alexander Kateb


Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: the way forward

Vision 2030 intends to transform the Saudi economy – the largest Arab and second largest middle eastern economy after Turkey – and to reduce its dependence on oil. Since its launch in Spring 2016, it managed to attract a great deal of attention. It aimed to tackle many of the problems that impede the economy […]

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Donald J. Trump and the return of strategic trade policy

Public statements made by the leaders of Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Germany, and other EU countries, to protest against Donald Trump’s decision imposing tariffs on aluminium and steel imported to the United States from these countries were predictable. As are the retaliatory measures envisaged by these countries. But this has not prevented the Trump […]

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FX: Which countries are dumping the dollar and why? (

I was interviewed among other experts for this article that has been published on  The European Union is considering switching payments from the US dollar to the euro after Washington threatened to target European firms working in Iran, according to reports. The measure may help the EU to retain one of the world’s largest […]

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Macro focus: The Italian conundrum and the way forward

Habemus Governum. It took months to reach an agreement between the competing “anti-system” parties that have emerged from the last Italian general elections, the M5S and the Lega, and to get the approval stamp of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the proposed Cabinet members, which was effectively achieved after a reshuffle of the […]